An Archive for Emotions_Multi-Layered Library on Mental Health
“An Archive for Emotions” is a for the public accessible off- and online library, containing all our combined text and audio visual research materials. It will be displayied in form of books, texts, a computer station with access to the online platform, as well as a printer in the work space of DisOrder at Raum Station. In the process of the summer residency the archive will grow documenting our process and the interventions by our guests. The idea behind creating an openly public accessible library researching Mental Health, is to make the different aspects and approaches to this topic visible and accessible, fostering curiosity, interest and acceptance towards the other, the unknown, the strange, the loss of control, the imbalanced, that we all touch upon some time in our life. The online platform should display different thought processeses, enable point shifts, trough being accessible to anyone with internet, as well as using a very simple straigh forward interface, reminding of the first excisting folder-structured websites.
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