05/08/16 7pm
// A Mental Buffet, Aziadé Cirlini
// The Touch of Your Skin, Adrian Huber, Melanie Akeret, Mohamed Almusibli and Yael Wicki
// An Archive for Emotions I, Adrian Huber, Melanie Akeret, Mohamed Almusibli and Yael Wicki

10/08/16 7.30pm
// Reading Group 01
Eric Shouse,"Feeling, Emotion, Affect," in: M/C Journal 8.6, 2005.

11/08/16 7pm
// The White Sorrow, Iselinki
// The Young Girl Reading Group as Phenomenon, Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite

17/08/16 7.30pm
// Reading Group 02
Brian Massumi,“The Autonomy of Affect,” in: Cultural Critique No. 31, The Politics of Systems and Environments, Part II, Autumn, 1995, pp. 83-109.

18/08/16 7pm
// Call me no less than the living (chronic pain expansion), Samuel Koch
// Youth Melancholie, Pullman Rose
>> Pullman Rose on Soundcloud

24/08/16 7.30pm
// Reading Group 03
James Elkins, “Crying from chromatic waves” in: Pictures & Tears, pp. 30-41.

25/08/16 7pm
// Laughing - Crying: The Tearcatchers, Emma Ines Panza & Carina Erdmann

01/09/16 7pm
// Migraines and the physiological reception of rapidity, Ian Wooldridge with Nicola Kazimir & Walid ElBarbir

07/09/16 7.30pm
// Reading Group 04
Benjamin Odgen, “The Analyst's Ear and the Critic's Eye: Rethinking Psychoanalysis and Literature, pp. 06-44.

08/09/16 7pm
[Mental Health Reading]
// Don’t Let Your Tongue Be Cut, A reading by Leda Bourgogne
// Precauzione Inutile, Costanza Candeloro
// Mental Health: The September Issue, Adrian Manuel Huber

17/09/16 11am-5pm
[Aspects of Disorder]
// Was bedeutet es psychologisch krank zu sein?, Sara Schaffner, Psychologiestudentin und Sonderschullehrerin
// Leave me alone, I’m Mad, Yael Wicki, Curatorial and Artistic Practice >> yaelwicki.com
// 99 Problems, Nils Amadeus Lange, Performer and Choreographer >> nilsamadeuslange.com
// Emotionale Beweglichkeit schenkt Vertrauen ins Leben, Uwe Bening, Dipl. Psychologe, Fachverantwortung Recovery der Stiftung Pro Mente Sana
// First Steps, //sk*///ohn_e//*~>>, Artist >> preview
// Mindfulness and Compassion, Bianca King, Psychotherapist and MSRB-Therapist >> biancaking.ch
// Healing Waves, Tim Eimecke, Musician >> jolly on soundcloud